Madrona Coast Capital is a private equity real estate investment & management firm specializing in identifying and maximizing the equity of residential and commercial assets.

In addition to pursuing traditional opportunities, the mission of Madrona Coast Capital includes investing in community revitalization and in assets that foster positive social impact.

We are committed to being a world-class investment firm that identifies value that others may overlook.



Madrona Coast Capital currently specializes in real estate investment & management in the Detroit, Michigan & Seattle, Washington metro areas.

For Our Investors

We are committed to being a world-class investment firm that identifies value that others may overlook, while delivering superior results through rigorous financial and risk discipline.

For Our Employees

We are committed to maintaining an open, entrepreneurial, dynamic and intellectually rewarding work environment, based on a meritocracy that allows and encourages employees to strive for improvement in all aspects of their work, as an individual or as part of a team.